Below listed Primary, Secondary, High School teachers and managers participated this jobshadowing activity on HEALTHY COMMUNICATIOM AMONGST SCHOOL STAFF,PARENTS AND STUDENTS in Brezice and Atopice Primary Schools.

1.Ercan ÖZKAN              Vice Manager          Selçuklu Mimar Sinan İO

2.Hilal PAKSOY        Classroom teacher         Yazır Şehit Osman Küçükdillan İO

3.Yasin BIYIK            IT Teacher                      Selçuklu Belediyesi İHOO

4.Celalettin ATICIGİL      Vice MANAGER        Meram Osman Gazi OO

5.Tuğba YAĞAN /English Language teacher/Çumra Çiçek OO(Participated on behalf of                         Meram Faik Altıoklar OO)

6.Rahime ÇEVİK           Classroom teacher      Selçuklu Mimar Sinan İOO

7.Bayram ÖZÇELİK       Guidance Conselor      Yazır Şehit Osman Küçükdillan İO

8.Hikmet DEMİREL   Technology and design teacher     Selçuklu belediyesi İHOO

9.Hasibe AKIN         Science teacher     Meram Osman Gazi OO

10.Şükrü AY           Guidance Conselor          Selçuklu Belediyesi İHOO

11.Fatih ATİK     English Language Teacher        Selçuklu Kaşgarlı Mahmut OO

In this Jobshadowing activity, the following benefits achieved,

-Having knowledge, skills and experiences on effective communication and activities amongst the school staff, parents and students(i.e. by Professional councils, parent- teacher   meetings, effective usage of school website)

-Methods of approaching to the students with different characteristics and requirements

– Advantages of organising weekly seminar and conferences

– The method of kinesthetic tablet o reduce stress

– Factors those have positive role for effectuating a team soul amongst the school management, teacher and parents.

-The importance of arranging sportive and cultural activities with the participation of teachers and the students

-Achieving a good feed-back after the observation of different colleagues’ lessons

-Targets and activities which are determined in school development strategy plan through enhancing motivation

-Solidarity amongst teachers for reducing stress

-Factors those influence teachers to devote themselves to their profession(i.e. working timetable, awards, staff communication, effective school management, managing a special school environment, sports activities)

-Arrangement of a good and healthy collaboration with the parents

– The behaviour of school management to the teachers and their effective communication skills

– Activities to make teachers happy and enhance their motivation

– Factors those provide an effective and positive collaboration amongst school managers, families,teachers and students (i.e. Professional counsils, family meetings, family lessons, school website)

– Activities those arranged to incessant Professional development (National/International education Courses, semianars and conferences, inside/outside school workshops, empowering motivation to take part in different projects and arranged activities)

-The main reasons of stress and how to cope with stress

-The importance of arranging socio-cultural activities

-The ability of using different IT qualifications

-Targets and activities such as games and drama included in social development plan to improve motivation.

By the end of this mobility ;

  • 1 Every teacher recorded Daily notes
  • 2 Every teacher wrote an individual evaluation report
  • 3 Every teacher prepared 2 applied samples
  • 4 Every teacher achieved good applied samples
  • The module on “ENHANCING MOTIVATION STRATEGIES IN THE CONTEMPORARY CLASSROOM AND PREVENTING PROFESSIONAL BURNOUT SYNDROME” was formed after “Sharing Good Practices and Forming Module Workshop” on April 03, 2019.
  • Individual evaluation reports are accessible from this link.
  • Good application samples are accessible from this link.
  • In addition, the short videos of teachers’ experiences and the videos, made with the support of the Head Child Development Department, Assistant Proffessor Hatice YALÇINYAVUZ, by the students of KTO Karatay University, is accessible from this link.

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