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Konya Provincial National Education Directorate is a state institution in charge of the planning and coordination of all kinds of educational and training activities in preschool, primary, secondary and adult education in Konya. Konya Province has 31 districts with 2.625 schools, 450.492 students and 31.200 teachers in total. Konya İl MEM is an umbrella organisation for all these. We are a big family.
Konya İL MEM’s vision is to be a qualified, prominent institution that has reached the level to compete equivalent institutions in Turkey and in the other modern countries with ensuring authentic contribution to the development of Turkish National Education System by providing effective usage of knowledge, skill, value and technology required for Knowledge Era.
Konya İL MEM’s mission is to ensure to boost efficiency and productivity of associated institutions and of employees and pleasure of labour and service fields; to develop education teaching process by following modern innovations and advances, by carrying out researches, to improve and to implement laws and other regulations through the general goals and fundamental principles of National Education System in Konya Province. We hold a variety of in-service training courses for our staff, students, young workless people to enhance education quality of our city and to ensure to be trained the students by the teachers that are innovators and followers of the modern formal, informal and nonformal education-teaching methods very closely. We solve problems encountered in education-teaching processes together with
• the Municipality of Konya,
• Provincial Social Services Directorate
• Provincial Health Directorate,
• Directorate of Youth and Sport
• Universities
• Adult education centres
• Museums
• Other local institutions etc.
We as trainers and educators believe that it is our crucial duty to provide new opportunities to young generations to create a better world.
In Konya Provincial National Education Directorate, there is the “Office of European Union Projects” which coordinates the EU funded projects in the province of Konya. Our directorate realized 52 projects in scope of LLP Projects and has been going on this journey with new Erasmus+ projects.

Address: Akabe Mahallesi Taşkın paşa Sokak 16/1 Karatay / KONYA

Web: http://aliulviaihl.meb.k12.tr/

E-mail: aliulviihl@gmail.com

Telephone:  (332) 355 3435

Fax: (332) 355 3435

Our school separated from Dr. Ali Rıza Bahadır Anatolian Imam Hatip School in 2014-15 academic year. The leader of science and wisdom, the great person Ali Ulvi KURUCU, was proposed to be the name of our school and the proposal was accepted. Our new building was built in Karatay district of Akabe neighborhood of Konya province. It has a floor area of 887 m² and an open area of 4582 m². In our school we have 40 classrooms, 1 library, 3 laboratories for physic, chemistry and biology. We have a dormitory for 60 students who come from outskirts of Konya. One of our assistant directors is responsible for the dormitory. We have 1 School Director, 1 Head Assistant Director, 4 Assistant Directors, 60 teachers.

Our institution want to educate generations who possess basic values, are able to use knowledge with moral virtue. We would like primarily to prepare our students for life and higher education. Our mission is to train generations for the future. The student age range of our school is 15-19.

Address: Akabe Mahallesi Taşkın paşa Sokak 16/1 Karatay / KONYA

Web: http://aliulviaihl.meb.k12.tr/

E-mail: aliulviihl@gmail.com

Telephone: (332) 355 3435

Fax: (332) 355 3435


Our school is located on Yaylapınar Kaş neighbourhood in Meram district of Konya. Our school established in 1987. We have got 10 teachers and 125 students. The age range is 11-14 in our school.

Our vision is to be an instution which every student are proud of belonging to our school.

Our mission is to raise our students as a self confident, nationalist, sportive and cultural action volunteer students.

We apply fulltime inclusive educaiton to our 3 students. Socio-economic status of our students are comprised from families with low-income who are working as agriculture,industry and construction employees. And we also have 6 students who have scholarship.

Address: Yaylapınar Kaş Mah. Aydede Sk. No.31 Meram/KONYA



Telephone: 0332 359 66 48

Fax: 0332 359 66 48


While our school was affiliated to Sadreddin Konevi Imam Hatip High School until the 2012-2013 academic year. Since the number of students increased year by year the building of the Bozkırlılar Foundation was allocated to our school. We still continue our educational activities in that building. We have 21 classrooms and 1 library.

Bozkırlılar Vakfı Kız Anadolu IHL is located in Karaslandede neighborhood of Karatay district in Konya. Our school is located in the south of Konya province. Geographically, it is located in an area that is simple in terms of location. As its settlement is a bit far away from Konya city center and its neighbourhood has newly been opened for reconstruction, it has not yet been able to complete its settlement plan.

In general, we can say that the transportation problem is solved. In winter, there are no problems to prevent transportation. We are located in an area where socioeconomically low income families are widespread. Parents of our students are commonly the people who are with low educational levels and crowded families. These parents generally earn their keep with agriculture and animal husbandry.

There are 35 teachers, 3 administrators in our school. We have 597 students in the age range of 14-18. We haven’t got shortage of staff.. In our school, the financial situation of the family is not good and we have 10 students who receive financial education aid.

Our Vision is to have an institutionalized school identity in line with universal education and training principles. Also it is to prepare participative individuals who can be happy and produce solutions with the contributions of the common cultural heritage by recognizing and evaluating the common value judgments offered by the cultural heritage of the world we live in.

Our Mission is to provide qualified education to our students in a safe school environment. In line with the basic aims of National Education, our mission is to contribute to the development of our students as individuals who can practice what they have learned through dialogue in tolerance, respecting humanity and its material and spiritual beings. In accordance with the founding regulation of I.H.L. and Basic Law of National Education Ministry our another mission is to promote religious education and education throughout the life, to provide the world-class learning opportunities by preparing the environment in which the students can realize their potential in the existing religious departments.

Address: Karaaslan Dede Mah. Eğri dağ Sok. No15 Karatay/KONYA



Telephone: 03323591313/1661

Fax: 03323591313


Our school is located in Selcuklu district of KONYA, Turkiye. It is constructed in 2011. We have 69 teachers and 4 administrators. There are 1517 students in the age range of 5-11 and 9 students who need special education.

Our school is located in the city center and socioeconomically rapidly developing region of Konya and this provides an advantage in terms of cooperation and contribution of parents.

Our mission is to educate individuals who are mentally strong, dynamic, equipped with knowledge and morality, able to adapt the knowledge they have learned to their lives and who are firstly think about their nation’s benefits.

Our vision is to prepare our students for the future as self-confident, determined, productive, idealistic individuals for the future and to prepare the individuals for the society, to prepare the society for the future of the country.

Address: Yazır Mahallesi Kitapçılar Sok.No10 Selçuklu/KONYA



Telephone: 0332 255 58 68

Fax:0332 255 58 68


Our school was built by Selçuklu Municipality on 17 December in 2013. Education has started in the second semester of 2013-2014 Education Year. Our school serves totally 26 classrooms; 13 of this are in the mornings and the other 13 are in the afternoon.

Our Vision is to be an institution that constantly learns and teaches, gives importance to science and reading.

Our mission is to educate high-quality individuals who are dedicated to their believes, their homeland and nation, who have national and spiritual values, and who have knowledge and morality. We provide education and training services for 800 students with our 45 teachers. Our students are between 11 and 14 years old. We have 1 teacher with special needs and 3 students with walking disabilities. Our school is located in the district of central Anatolia, where there are a large number of economically weak students with a parent profile working in factories and industry.

Address:Işıklar Mahallesi Pendik Sokak No19 Selçuklu/KONYA



Telephone: (332) 235 4246

Fax:(332) 235 4246


Meram Osman Gazi Secondary School is located in Meram which is the central district of Konya. In the year 2000, our school which started to be named Necati Bey Elementary School in the school building which was built in Meram Mehmet Vehbi District , Arap Öldüren Street, Önü Sokak, continued its education and training activities until the year 2012 as Necati Bey Secondary School. The name of our school has changed to Osmangazi Secondary School since 12.08.2015. Our school is 3-floored building. It consists of 18 classrooms, 6 workshops / laboratories, conference hall, canteen and library. There are 3 administrators, 45 teachers, 1 civil servant, 2 housekeeping staffs, 2 contracted personnel and 647 students in our school. Our students are between 11-14 years old. Staffs are assigned from disabled people. We have 30 students with supportive / inclusive education, 1 with physical disabilities and 1 with home education. Our school is in a situation where families with low and low socioeconomic levels live. Due to the urban transformation the students always change and the new ones come. Due to its close location to the city center, the transportation is good. We haven’t got much foreign students.

Address:Mehmet Vehbi Mah. Arapöldüren Cad. Okulönü Sokak No 4 Meram / KONYA



Telephone: 0 332 321 82 88 - 0 332 351 54 20

Fax: 0 332 321 82 88


Our school started education in 2006 and continues its education services. The name of our school, which was officially opened in 2005, was changed from Şeyh Şamil İ.Ö.O to Selcuklu Mimar Sinan Primary School. Our institution is located in Selcuklu Buhara Mahallesi Öz duman Sokak. There are 1510 students in our school including primary and kindergarten special education students. 56 of them were refugee students. Our students are range of the ages of our school is 6-11. In our school, there are 4 administrators and 77 teachers and 81 personnel in total. In our school, teacher’s room, classrooms, library, parents' waiting room, Science laboratory, 2 guidance rooms, officer's room, 4 executive rooms. ok purpose hall, 2 meeting rooms. Internet access is available in all areas of our school. Computer assisted education is provided in the classrooms.

Our Vision: To create a high quality school, high quality education, high quality society that encourages teamwork, has a management of participation and sharing, exhibits contemporary, permanent works.

Our Mission: To create a modern educational culture, to participate in producing knowledge and technology, sharing, self-confidence, full of respect for social values, to raise individuals who produce original works.

Address:;Buhara Mahallesi Öz duman Sok.No12 Selçuklu KONYA



Telephone: 03322488737

Fax: 03322488737