Jobshadowing activity on “ENSURING POSITIVE SCHOOL CULTURE” in Bacau Colegiul Technic “Anghel Saligny Bacau ve Şcoala Gimnaziala Dr. Alexandru Şafran” schools.

Inthis jobshadowing activity, below listed Primary, secondary, high school teachers and managers participated;

1.Emine UYSAL       Classroom teacher        Selçuklu Mimar Sinan İO

2.Derya ALTINOK  Classroom teacher       Yazır Şehit   Osman Küçükdillan İO

3.Ahmet DERİCİ   Technology and Design teacher        Selçuklu belediyesi İHOO

4.Şahin IŞIK        Turkish language teacher          Meram Osman Gazi OO

5.Saliha ZAVRAK     Turkish Language teacher      Meram Osman Gazi OO

6.Banu Güven    Maths teacher     Meram Anadolu Lisesi

7.Seçil Gülveren English Language teacher Meram Anadolu Lisesi

8.Erdal YAVUZ Vice MANAGER Bozkırlılar Vakfı KAİHL

9.Esra PEKCAN        English language teacher         Bozkırlılar Vakfı KAİHL

10.Fatma Seçil DİKİCİ     Biology teacher            Bozkırlılar Vakfı KAİHL(participated on behalf         of Ali Ulvi Kurucu AİHL)

In this jobshadowing activity, the following benefits achieved;

  • Creating a qualified school action plan
  • -Arranging a qualified school management
  • – Developing startegies to follow for making the school international
  • – Enhancing favorable approaches to socio-economicaly and educationaly marginalized students
  • Understanding the function of international projects on educational quality and motivation
  • Factors those influence positive school culture environment
  • Activities increase motivation in schools
  • The importance of becoming a devoted teacher
  • Themethodes to cope with stress
  • Strategies to award teachers

The importance of in-service-training&jobshadowing  activities

By the end of this mobility ;

  • 1 Every teacher recorded Daily notes
  • 2 Every teacher wrote an individual evaluation report
  • 3 Every teacher prepared 2 applied samples
  • 4 Every teacher achieved good applied samples
  • The module on “ENHANCING MOTIVATION STRATEGIES IN THE CONTEMPORARY CLASSROOM AND PREVENTING PROFESSIONAL BURNOUT SYNDROME” was formed after “Sharing Good Practices and Forming Module Workshop” on April 03, 2019.
  • Individual evaluation reports are accessible from this link.
  • Good application samples are accessible from this link.
  • In addition, the short videos of teachers’ experiences and the videos, made with the support of the Head Child Development Department, Assistant Proffessor Hatice YALÇINYAVUZ, by the students of KTO Karatay University, is accessible from the following link.

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