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Konya Provincial National Education Directorate is a state institution in charge of the planning and coordination of all kinds of educational and training activities in preschool, primary, secondary and adult education in Konya. Konya Province has 31 districts with 2.625 schools, 450.492 students and 31.200 teachers in total. Konya İl MEM is an umbrella organisation for all these. We are a big family.
Konya İL MEM’s vision is to be a qualified, prominent institution that has reached the level to compete equivalent institutions in Turkey and in the other modern countries with ensuring authentic contribution to the development of Turkish National Education System by providing effective usage of knowledge, skill, value and technology required for Knowledge Era.
Konya İL MEM’s mission is to ensure to boost efficiency and productivity of associated institutions and of employees and pleasure of labour and service fields; to develop education teaching process by following modern innovations and advances, by carrying out researches, to improve and to implement laws and other regulations through the general goals and fundamental principles of National Education System in Konya Province. We hold a variety of in-service training courses for our staff, students, young workless people to enhance education quality of our city and to ensure to be trained the students by the teachers that are innovators and followers of the modern formal, informal and nonformal education-teaching methods very closely. We solve problems encountered in education-teaching processes together with
• the Municipality of Konya,
• Provincial Social Services Directorate
• Provincial Health Directorate,
• Directorate of Youth and Sport
• Universities
• Adult education centres
• Museums
• Other local institutions etc.
We as trainers and educators believe that it is our crucial duty to provide new opportunities to young generations to create a better world.
In Konya Provincial National Education Directorate, there is the “Office of European Union Projects” which coordinates the EU funded projects in the province of Konya. Our directorate realized 52 projects in scope of LLP Projects and has been going on this journey with new Erasmus+ projects.

Address: Akabe Mahallesi Taşkın paşa Sokak 16/1 Karatay / KONYA



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Secondary School "Dr. Safran "Bacău is located in Romania, the south of Bacău city, Aviators district. Established in 1934, the school currently working with a number of 700 students in primary, secondary and kindergarten.

In our school vision, the educational process must satisfy the requirements of modern European education, to provide our clients with quality education that will meet the indicators and benchmarks imposed by the quality. We propose that service quality to meet the public trust and to affirm that a public contribute to the personal development of our clients through cognitive capacity building and ownership by these civic values, moral and aesthetic. We conceive school as an institution able to apply the principles and directions of reform, to integrate into European norms, open to the community that supports the development are an institution that values diversity and differences of our customers as an inclusive school, facilitating access and participation process, so complex are the educational encompassed all educational actors and stakeholders.

Our school has an important role in educating the students and their personalities. School teachers are involved and dedicated teaching activity, but felt the need for formal training on student-centred activity, new methods and techniques of formal and non-formal learning. Therefore, we consider very important participation in international projects and acquiring new experience for us and our students, which helps us to overcome the current problems in our school, that school becomes more attractive and students and parents to be pleased with the progress the school and education.

Address: Strada Henri Coanda, Nr.1, Bacau, Romania



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Anghel Saligny” Technical College is located in Bacău, in the North-Eastern region of Romania and has been known for more than 100 years as a modern, complex and European organization with 88 qualified competent teachers and more than 900 students, distributed in different levels of education:

  1. General education: kindergarten (3-5 years) – 60 students , primary school (5-10 years) – 107 students and secondary education (10-14 years) – 44 students
  2. High-school, full-time, technical education with the following training domains: Mechanics, Construction, Installation and Public Works, Clothing and Leather Industry, Tourism and Food, Wood Manufacturing (14-18 years) – 340 students.
  3. Vocational school, with the following training domains: Mechanics, Construction, Installation and Public Works, Clothing and Leather Industry, Wood Manufacturing (14-18 ani) – 381 students.

The mission of the school targets at developing an autonomous and creative personality of the students, based on acquiring theoretical and practical skills meant to meet the standards of the European job market. The school took on the role of a genuine resource provider for the higher education, post-secondary education and professionals for the job market.

The services provided by the school are based on quality, performance, promotion of European values, equal chances for everyone involved in the process and openness for lifelong learning.

Address: Strada Vasile Alecsandri 18, Bacău 600009, Romanya



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Brežice is a town in eastern Slovenia in the Lower Sava Valley, near the Croatian border. It is the seat of the Municipality of Brežice. The area was traditionally divided between Lower Styria (territory on the left bank of the Sava River) and Lower Carniola (territory on the right bank of the Sava River). The whole municipality is now included in the Lower Sava Statistical Region. Brezice Elementary School is situated in the center of town. It is a public school funded by the government.

Pupils between the ages 6 and 15 are enrolled in Brežice Elementary School. There are 31 divisions with 819 pupils. There are also three divisions for children with special needs with 26 children currently enrolled. The school offers various activities. A lot of attention is devoted to culture and sports. Our pupils take part in competitions and achieve excellent results. Our school is known for a project called “FROM QUALITY TO EXELLENCE” The basic idea of the project is to elaborate and initiate the model for increasing literacy levels. The model of perfection combines different strategies including long life learning, competency approach, literacy development and the use of the European model of perfection as an instrument for appraisement and self-evaluation. It develops literacy as it exists in all its complex structure (development of readership, development of moral, functional, naturalistic, media and informational literacy including literacy of active citizenship…), which contributes to better individual functionality in society and development of one’s capability of creating one’s own image. It is known that deficits in this area do not only represent so called knowledge gaps but the absence of fundamental instrument of one’s soul, cultural, social and personal growth.

Our school's mission is to educate a good person with excellent knowledge. We put emphasis on learning in motion, our learning environment is supported by ICT, and we support inclusion.

At our school there are 90 teachers and 819 students.

Students start school at the age of 6 and finish at the age of 14/15. There are nine grades in elementary school. The maximum number per students in class is 28.

Address: Levstikova 18, 8250 Brežice



Telephone:  +386 7 4660200

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Elementary school of Stopice is a public educational institute that has a rich tradition and history. It is situated in a peaceful countryside environment nearby Novo mesto (Slovenia) and gives a lot of possibilities for a great personal and psychophysical development. It works through its vision “Education for knowledge and life. The integrated development of its students, teachers, parents and environment”. School is a member of Slovenian Eco school network, it became a Healthy and Cultural school, it is also integrated into a network of international cooperating, because it was involved in previous Erasmus+ projects.

School offers a dynamic and various programme that try to encourage and create a positive climate and development of its each student, personnel staff and teacher.

Around 280 students visit elementary school programmes and 69 employers are employed here. Students come from different socio-economic environment, mostly from families who deal with economic activities, some of them are from the town’s environment. Students’ age range is between 6-15 years old.

We also have students with special needs who need different types of learning and teaching. Students with special needs are: students with psychophysical lack, behaviour disorder, learning disorder etc.

We were attending a lot of seminars and lectures about the stress of teachers and students in the school, also have assets of teachers from different school programme fields, they attend seminars and other activities about various themes about stress and how to prevent it. We all provide each other the support when it comes to very stressful situations, get together and discuss about it and take it to our knowledge. Our gathered experiences are passed forward and enriched us. Sometimes we use sport to relax during the stress situation, talking and exchanging experiences.

Address: Stopiče 37, 8322 Stopiče



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Our school Krste Misirkov, the oldest primary school in Kumanovo, is continuously trying to provide high quality education for all students.

School vision: “Learn and Achieve Together – Win and Celebrate Together“

School mission: To create a happy, safe and simulative learning environment in which, through inclusion all members of the school community can grow in confidential persons and can develop their full potential.

We always fight for equality and stimulate individual development of students and teaching stuff as well. Implementing inclusive education for all children is our primary goal and therefore we need to educate our stuff for work with children with all kinds of disabilities. In addition to this, we signed in Memorandum for cooperation with Regional Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities (RCPID) Poraka Nasa. Integration of European values and realization of disseminations with information technology in education of our primary intention.

Number of personnel is 81. Total number of students is 1026. Age range of our students is 6 – 15. In our school there are 10 students with disabilities.

Address: Адреса: ул Народна Револуција бр.43 1300 Куманово



Telephone:  00389(0)31 42 42 31

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SOU “Pero Nakov” is a multi – ethnic school which provides education in two languages: Macedonian and Albanian. The school is composed of two branches: the head – office in the center of Kumanovo where the Macedonian classes are located and a separate branch for the Albanian classes. Educational activates are carried out in two occupational fields whit eight educational profiles through four years of schooling. The existing educational profiles are: Economy Technician, Marketing, trade and Commerce technician, business personal assistant, bank technician, Confectionery technician, Leather technician and Fashion designer.

The school was established by decision of the National Board of Kumanovo in 1945. The occupations and educational profiles that are included in the school were verified by the Ministry of Educations and Science in 2007.

The main school objectives are: 

- Education of students organized by the curricula which are determinate by the regulations of Ministry of Educations and Science and the Bureau of Educational of the Republic of Macedonia,

- Contribute towards the students training in accordance to the educational standards and the labour market needs,

- Students development into responsible and effective people prepared for further education and capable for competition in the labor market,

- Provides students with qualitative cultural, scientific and vocational training.

There are 430 Macedonian students and 70 teachers in the head building and 320 Albanian students and 65 teachers in the additional building. The students are between 15-19 years. 

Address: ул. Пиринска Македонија бр. 4, 1300Куманово, МакедонијаA



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EduKarjala is a private training company from Finland, working closely with schools and Finnish academic world. Our staff members are working as professional education experts and as teachers in public education sector. Our slogan, "Smile with us :-)" tells that we want to see happy teachers/customers. High quality has a big meaning for us! Owner of the company, Mr Esa Räty, works as principal in new public upper secondary school and he has a long experience organizing international training courses from year 2003. Every year eduKarjala trains teachers and principals from public and private schools, mainly from Europe.

Address: Virsutie 2, 80710 Lehmo, Finland



Telephone:  +358407788286

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Maksima Adult Education Facility was founded by Pappagallo Foreign Language School, an institution with a tradition in teaching languages spanning more than 25 years. Our staff was educated at both Croatian and international universities giving them a multifaceted perspective on education methodologies. We have an ongoing mentorship programme, hosting students from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (University of Split) and also international students from all over Europe coming in through the Erasmus+ mobility programme. Maksima Adult Education Facility and Pappagallo Foreign Language School have been successful preparation centres for Cambridge ESOL exams of all levels. We take pride in being British Council's Gold Partner for years.

Address: Ustanova za Obrazovanje odraslih Maksima

Teslina 16A, 21000 Split, Croatia



Telephone:  +385 21 489 917

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ITC International is a modern and dynamic company with a professional organizational background and long standing tradition of organising life-long learning mobility programmes. ITC International has been established by The Czech Ministry of Education and is listed in the school register. It has been active in the adult education market since 1996.
Erasmus+ courses for Teachers and Educational providers for the Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals, provided by ITC International are in accordance with Education and Training 2020 strategic framework and can be fully funded by EU.
Our mission is to improve personal and professional competences of educational staff, raise attractiveness and prestige of the educational sector and enhance overall quality of education through collaboration and innovation.
Topics of our training courses directly respond to the current issues and requirements in the field of education and provide support not only for individuals but organisations as a whole.
Our main goal is to provide comprehensive services on a professional level, ensuring our clients’ satisfaction. Therefore, we can design custom courses according to specific needs and organise translations to other languages besides English.
ITC International makes Erasmus+ mobility opportunities possible, enjoyable and beneficial.

Address: Františka Křížka 1
Prague 7
170 00
Czech Republic



Telephone:  +420 224 817 530