Konya “Best Examples in Preventing Burnout” conference

Adopted by Turkey’s National Agency, under the coordination of Konya Provincial Directorate of National Education “Professional Burnout Prevention Methods for Teachers” scope is Erasmus + School Education Staff Mobility program “Burnout Best Practices in Prevention” held a conference.

Head of the Department of Mental Health and Diseases, Faculty of Medicine, Selçuk University. Dr. Yavuz Selvi, the burnout syndrome, one of Turkey’s most important problem, and said that the learned helplessness. Selvi said, “In fact, we all have a lot of talent, a lot of knowledge and a lot of experience, but we don’t know how to use it. Our goal is to give our people that old excitement again. Strengthen their belief that they can achieve something. This is not basit Let’s see it, we will do it basit by simple interventions, but by determining exactly what humanity needs. I believe that we will throw down on us digestion, helplessness and the pioneers of this will be teachers. ”

Emphasizing that teachers should be motivated first to motivate students. Dr. Selvi said, müdah Interventions should be made to convince our teachers that they are very valuable in the short term and long term. This important task of the teachers should be considered and with certain projects they should be the lifeblood of the education system ”.

Conference, Konya Provincial Education Director Seyit Ali Büyük, Selcuk University Head of Medical Sciences. Dr. Dr. Yavuz Selvi, KTO Karatay University, Head of Department of Child Development. Faculty Member Hatice Yalçın, representatives from the teachers in the project mobility, 115 teachers from different districts and different branches and students from KTO Karatay University attended.

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