CZECH REPUBLIC, In-service-training Course between March 04-08, 2019

“PREVENTION OF PROFESSIONAL BURNOUT IN A SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT” in-service-training course in PRAGUE by ITC International TEFL Certificate Institutıon.

This activity was achieved by the below mentioned Primary, Secondary and High School teachers and school managers;

1.Sıdıka KAHRAMAN         Classroom Teacher          Yazır Şehit Osman Küçükdillan İO

2.Gülay KAYHAN                Science Teacher             Selçuklu Belediyesi İHOO

3.Arzu YÜCEL                     Pre-school teacher        Meram Osmangazi OO

4.Banu SERİN                     Maths Teacher                Selçuklu Mimar Sinan OO

5.Döndü SÖĞÜT                 Guidance Conselor         Yazır Şehit Osman Küçükdillan İO

6.Cevdet TAŞBAŞ               Turkish Language teacher    Meram Osman Gazi OO

7.Ali ALAKIR                      Social Sciences teacher           Meram Faik Altıoklar OO

8.Yakup YILMAZ                 Science teacher                      Meram Faik Altıoklar OO

9.Suat YELBOĞA                Assistantant director              Bozkırlılar Vakfı Kız AİHL

10.Yılmaz KIRDI               Vocational Course teacher       Bozkırlılar Vakfı Kız AİHL

11.Erdem YILDIZ            Maths Teacher                           Bozkırlılar Vakfı Kız AİHL

12.Recep MUTLU             English language teacher        Selçuklu Osmangazi İO

13.Hamza AYDOĞDU       English Language Teacher     Karatay Sekibe Aksoy İO

In this in-service-training activity, the following benefits achieved;

– Understanding the results of Daily stress and risk factors those all people come across and presenting qualified&good education facilities within a complex approach.

– Enhancing mental health and raising awareness on issues related to school systems.

– Recognising weak and strong sides of thier own by the teachers, evaluating themselves and encouraging  the development of future skills

– Understanding main principles of the prevention programmes on Professional burnout topic, having a deep knowledge, learning how to apply,getting appliance of evidence based approach and the best point of view

– Getting acquisition of the methods and techniques on the prevention programmes for school staff, classes and the society.

– Coping with the students those have different learning structures

– Encouraging “Becoming Healthy Approach” to mobilize positive factors in mental health

– Creating prevention materials and methods in case of Professional burnout for the improvement  of educational applications

– Enhancing the understanding of strategies and systems those developed to cope with stress in different countries and schools.

– Supporting Professional development, raising awareness on Daily stress with the all-round approach

– Encouraging individual development and emphasizing the need fort he Daily exercises to prevent the Professional burnout syndrome.

By the end of this mobility ;

1 Every teacher recorded Daily notes

2 Every teacher wrote an individual evaluation report

3 Every teacher prepared 2 applied samples

4 Every teacher achieved good applied samples

The module on “ENHANCING MOTIVATION STRATEGIES IN THE CONTEMPORARY CLASSROOM AND PREVENTING PROFESSIONAL BURNOUT SYNDROME” was  formed after “Sharing Good Practices and Forming Module Workshop” on April 03, 2019.

Individual evaluation reports are accessible from this link.

Good application samples are accessible from this link.

In addition, the short videos of teachers’ experiences and the videos, made with the support of the Head Child Development Department, Assistant Proffessor Hatice YALÇINYAVUZ, by the students of KTO Karatay University, is accessible from the the following link.

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