CROATIA / March 12-18,2019 / In-service-training Course

ENHANCING MOTIVATION STARATEGIES IN CONTEMPORARY CLASSROOM in-service-training Course in Maxima, Split in Croatia.Primary, Secondary and High School teachers and managers participated to this activity between March 12-18 are listed below;

1 Derya KUŞBAŞI     Turkish language teacher   Selçuklu Belediyesi İHOO

2.Elif KÜÇÜK   Classroom teacher    Yazır Şehit Osman KüçükDillan İO

3.Yeşim ERGÜL Classroom teacher   Yazır Şehit Osman Küçükdillan İO

4.Selda Yazıcı ÇELEBİ   Technology&design teacher   Meram Osmangazi OO

5.Hacı Mustafa ULU classroom teacher Selçuklu Mimar Sinan İO

6.Raziye ŞENTÜRK School Manager Meram Faik Altıoklar OO

7.Melik Uğur SARAÇOĞLU   Classroom Teacher      Selçuklu Mimar Sinan İO

8.Zeynepnur TEMEL       Maths Teacher        Meram Faik Altıoklar OO

9.Mustafa AKGÜN   Vocational Courses Teacher      Bozkırlılar Vakfı Kız AİHL

10.İsmail Hakkı AKÇAY    Vocational Courses teacher       Ali Ulvi Kurucu AİHL

11.Mustafa SORUÇ            English Language teacher        Ali Ulvi Kurucu AİHL

12.Berrak GENEYİKLİ        English Language teacher Ahırlı Akhises Fatih İHOO

In this in-service-training course, the following benefits achieved;

  • Managing different teaching strategies
  • Acquiring new skills and materials for different branches
  • Encouraging tachers in their own branches with the new motivation strategies
  • Encouraging students effectively intheir lessons
  • Overcoming stress in a school environment
  • Motivating teachers on IT and new Technologies
  • Gaining ability to use Applied IT Games in Primary Schools
  • Creating stress-free media and motivating young learners in High Schools
  • Motivating Children, young people and adults and using materials in the classroom
  • Enhancing motivation by creating stress-free environment
  • Gaining new skills, competences and materials in different school subjects
  • Devoting teachers to their jobs with the new motivation strategies

By the end of this mobility ;

1 Every teacher recorded Daily notes

2 Every teacher wrote an individual evaluation report

3 Every teacher prepared 2 applied samples

4 Every teacher achieved good applied samples

The module on “ENHANCING MOTIVATION STRATEGIES IN THE CONTEMPORARY CLASSROOM AND PREVENTING PROFESSIONAL BURNOUT SYNDROME” was  formed after “Sharing Good Practices and Forming Module Workshop” on April 03, 2019.

Individual evaluation reports are accessible from this link.

Good application samples are accessible from this link.

In addition, the short videos of teachers’ experiences and the videos, made with the support of the Head Child Development Department, Assistant Proffessor Hatice YALÇINYAVUZ, by the students of KTO Karatay University, is accessible from the following link.

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